1. Low Pressure Switch
    • Should be installed after the sediment filter and before Inlet Solenoid and Pump.  Uses a micro switch to signal when inlet pressure is below 5psi.  Used to prevent the system from continuous operation that can happen when the water supply is stopped.  Without the LPS, if the inlet supply is interrupted the system will continue to operate because the storage tank will not fill (not making water) and therefore not provide an 'OFF' signal for the system.

  2. Inlet Solenoid
    • The Inlet, or Main Solenoid opens at start of filtration cycle and closes at end of filtration cycle.

  3. Pressure Boost Pump
    • Used in areas where the source water pressure is below 50psi.  The Pressure Boost Pump provides a constant 70+psi for optimum membrane performance.  Pump model varies depending on membrane specification.

  4. High Pressure Switch
    • Reads the pressure in the bladder tank to provide the system on/off signal; Off at 40psi, On at 20psi.  Also used in beverage delivery applications between the delivery pump and point of use.

  5. Auto Flush Solenoid
    • The Auto Flush Solenoid is controlled either by the PCB or the Auto Flush Circuit.  The Auto Flush Solenoid will open for 20 seconds at the beginning of every filtration cycle, and for 20 seconds every subsequent hour.  This helps to improve membrane life and prevent fouling and TDS creep.