"The best, not the most expensive." Our mission at Aquatech Asia is to produce and supply the highest quality products at the best price possible. We belive that the era of 'quality at any cost' has ended, and we have entered the era of 'top quality at bottom dollar.' It is our responsibility as a manufacturer to investigate ways of bringing superior quality to the market at competitive prices.

A young company in terms of years of establishment, Aquatech Asia brings over 15years of combined experience in the area of residential water treatment and particularly reverse osmosis systems. As a lead engineer for Woong Jin Coway, Technical Director Mr. Yong-Chae Jang designed over 15 different residential RO systems including the first ever residential RO system to include Hot and Cold water dispensing. Along with the system designs, he also was responsible for the design of more than 100 components still being used by Coway.

At our factory in UiWang Korea (West of Seoul) every pump that is manufactured is put through a two-phase test procedure. First step is a rigorous leak test. After attaching the pump to the Leak Test Fixture, the inlet pressure is raised to 130psi for the BP series pumps. Operating the pump under these conditions creates internal pressure of over 150psi. After the leak test, every pumps is then tested for performance according to it's specification. At the Performance Test Fixture, each pump is tested for Amp use, flow, and pressure.


Our Factory, Located in UiWang, is about 30minutes drive from Down-town Seoul Korea. Established in 1998, we moved to our present location in order to expand our production line to meet customer demands.

In November 2000, Aquatech Asia was awarded the 'Best Supplier' award by Woong Jin Coway, the largest producer of RO systems in the world. This award was based on a cost saving new design, timely delivery, and most of all the best quality record among suppliers.
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